Alison loses to Suarez Navarro in Fed Cup

Unfortunately, Alison wasn’t able to win her Fed Cup match against Carla Suarez Navarro. Alison played well in the early stages of the match. Eventually she had to concede the match 3-6 2-6.

Everything looked to be alright in the first couple of games. Alison even put Suarez Navarro under pressure. In the first two servicegames of the Spanish player, Ali had five break points. She couldn’t convert any of those, which was probably crucial for the remainder of the match. At 3-4, she made a backhand error at the end of a long rally, which made her trail by 3 games to 5. Alison again had break point in the next game but once again couldn’t break Suarez Navarro’s serve.

The second set started with an early lead for the Spanish player. Suarez Navarro was able to read Ali’s serve well and could make some space for the return. When Alison couldn’t return her opponent’s forehand, she was trailing early on. When Alison was broken one more time, that was pretty much the end of her chances to win the match. After two matches, it’s 1-1 between Belgium and Spain in the Fed Cup tie.