Alison responds to Fed Cup singles loss: “I’ll take the positives from this match”

After her singles match vs Carla Suarez Navarro, Alison took the time to answer some questions. Ali was sorry she couldn’t take her chances in the beginning and will go on to remember the positive things.

How do you analyse the match?

In the beginning I had a lot of break points. I had my chances on her servicegames. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take them. After that, the momentum shifted. I made a bit more errors and she started to play very solid. It’s a pitty I couldn’t take my chances. She took her chances.

What does this mean mentally?

I’ll take the positives from this match. The other things, I forget. That’s what I try to do. You don’t play for yourself, you play for the team. There are some important matches coming up. With the entire team, we’re gonna do everything as good as we can. We’ll see how it ends.

What are the chances for the remainder of this Fed Cup tie?

It’s 1-1. Nothing is lost. All four of the players on our team are ready.

What were the conditions out there?

It was hot in the arena. With al of those people in the arena, ofcourse it’s even hotter.